Are you taking yourself too seriously?

Are you? Taking yourself too seriously?
For me work has started and life sometimes seems tedious. There’s not enough spare time to reload energy between work and no energy to do fun stuff on the weekends. The need for sleep seems endless and summer holiday is too far away.

Well, then it is time to remember what makes life worth living. Work might pay rent but it doesn’t make me who I am. When I feel stuck in a rut I always come back to this Swedish rock group, they are called Kenneth and the Knutters and for a Swede the name expains it all. They are bikers who write and play for bikers about the love for the bike and biker life. They for sure don’t take themselves too seriously and if you take time to watch this youtube clip from the 80s you’ll understand. It even has English subs so there is a possibility for understanding for non-Swedes as well. Pay extra attention to the dancers, I’m sure they beat most of what you have seen so far, in their own way.

My very dear biker friend Lillemor sent me their last album, she actually got it autographed for me as well. Right now there is no better music to remind me not to take life nor myself too seriously and furthermore it is perfect for the jog in the park.

Finns det nån som kan som en riktig man dricka öl och åka hoj?
Finns det nån som kan som en riktig man dricka öl och åka hoj?

If you find this even slightly amusing, check out their own website!