Seasons greetings

I’m spending the last days of 2019 at my dad’s house in Sweden, it is so peaceful and relaxing. After working my socks off teaching since september and managing all my other projects on the side, I fully enjoy having ten days with no obligations – just sleeping, reading books and planning for next year.

Cool Cat, my Swedish registered motorbike, has been tucked away since I was here last in July. In the meantime the battery has died so my preparations for next season begins with finding a new suitable battery to fit on the GS. Then hopefully I can book some track days and other riding events, I would especially want to improve my gravel riding which, in al honesty, is pretty rubbish 😀

I wish you all a sweet end of the year, I’ll be back soon with a review of the Knox Cold Killers, an awesome piece of kit in cold weather, both on and off the bike.


One year with Red Fox – after six with Lazy Cat

It came up as a memory on Facebook, one year ago today I was posing with my new bike in Valencia. It was a big day as I had been trying to get rid of Lazy Cat for a few years, admittedly not wholeheartedly but I had, on and off, tried to swap it for another bike. As I feared the paperwork, I didn’t want to sell it myself but rather trade it in for a bike I wanted. This made it complicated as most places would offer very little for the Versys, for example, the local Kawasaki dealer only offered €1300 – however if I would fork out on a new Kawa they could “overvalue” Lazy Cat and give me a bit more. No thanks, a new Kawa was about the last thing I wanted, my mind was set on an old BMW. Therefore, I was absolutely thrilled when this red beauty showed up online. Everything happened very fast, I called the company on Thursday and Friday after work, I rode the 300km to Valencia and just managed to make it there before they closed. They did all the paperwork for me and paid €2300 for Lazy Cat, more than anyone had been willing to offer for it as the mileage was about 86000km. Now the bike was due for service, new tyres and new chain kit so it was very good deal and perfect timing on my behalf.

It was easy to let go of the Versys, I never really liked it that much, so I didn’t cry as I did when I traded in my last Ducati Monster. The Versys is a great all-round bike but very top heavy and vibey. The pillion seat is comfy, at least so I have been told, and it can take a shit load of luggage. We made a lot of memories Lazy Cat and I, travelled from Spain to Sweden, to Ireland, Estonia, Wales, Hungary, England and back to Spain during various trips to WIMA rallies or just road trips, and yes, we even emigrated together. The sales person laughed at the stamps in the service book, it had literally been serviced all over Europe. When the Versys came up for sale a few months later, they had done it up very nicely, new tyres and chain kit. Of course, all my stickers had gone and it was cleaner than it had ever been in my possession, cool that they choose to leave the rim stickers on.

For a bike I never really liked, we made a lot of amazing memories together. Lazy Cat lived with me in three countries and some 9 months as a motorcycle vagabond before returning to Spain.

Since buying Red Fox, I’ve been touring Ireland and England, adding some bits of France on the way. I use it for my supermarket shopping, running my errands, commuting to class and going places.

Mazinger Z outside Reus
Once in a blue moon I even go for a Sunday ride – Mazinger Z outside Reus