Relieved to be able to brake in peace

I noticed yesterday that my brake light was not working, well actually it was working but on all the time. This made me very nervous riding to work. Spanish drivers keep a next-to-nothing margin so I just tried to brake as little as possible. Still so, being a polite Swede I still felt I had to stop for crossings, and this morning I nearly got run over by the car behind me, who apparently didn’t intend to stop to let the people cross.

Luckily it is very easy to get an appointment in a garage here, I’m always surprised. Tomorrow I can ride and brake in peace, for 48 euros problem is solved.

At the same time I tried to make an appointment for the upcoming revision, I reckon it takes 2-3 weeks to cover the mileage left before maintanence is due. Well no need for an appointment, I was told to leave the bike when I felt like it and it would be taken care of the following day. All those years riding Ducati in Sweden makes it difficult to understand that I actually don’t have to make an appointment 4 month (or more) in advance.

My Monday-edition Ducati
My Monday-edition Ducati                                        Photo cortesy: Lillemor Johansson


I got used to always bringing jump-start cables and charging the battery in the kitchen since this beauty had an electrical problem. The nearest garage, (and only one within 400km) wouldn’t help me until October. You don’t want to hear that when you call in June.

Ruta Proyecto Suraj

Last Saturday, I once again took part in a ride-out organised by Asociatión Muévete por Madrid en Moto. The theme for the ride was “despedida de Fabian” – a farewell and set-off party for Fabian who, with sponsorship from, among others Mutua Madrileña and Triumph, is going to ride to Nepal and India. His project is called Proyecto Suraj and he has a very illustrative website where you can read more about his project.

Fabian and his Triumph Adventure
Fabian and his Triumph Adventure

We gathered by the four towers in Madrid and got ourselves organised. Then we rode behind Fabian over Rascafria up to Lozoya where a barbecue was waiting. After some food and mingling we cheered him on his way.

Gathered and ready for the ride
Gathered and ready for the ride

I enjoyed the company of a colleague and we planned our own route coming back, passing Cotos and Navacerada. Riding through the pine forest was a pleasure and there was hardly any traffic this Saturday afternoon. Getting closer to Madrid we were exposed to brief but hard rain, I got totally soaked. In the end it was good to get back home… ehmm, not true. I´m green of envy wanting to head off for an adventure myself… summer is too far away.

I will follow this project on the web
I will follow this project on the web


WIMA party in Tokyo

We got a warm welcome in Tokyo as well. The WIMA-girls had prepared a party for us and we enjoyed seasonal food and drink in a traditional Japanese resturant.

WIMA dinner
WIMA dinner                                                                                               Photo courtesy Reiko Takizawa
The menu was written specially for us
The menu was written specially for us

Earlier in the day Akiko and Reiko took us sightseeing in the Hamarikyu garden and Christopher lost himself in photographing butterflies and Japanese bridges. This was followed by tasty sushi at the seafood market thanks to Michi’s good knowledge of restaurants. From there we went to Ginza and the Kabukiza Theatre.

At the kabukiza theater with friends
At the Kabukiza Theatre with friends                                                       Photo courtesy Reiko Takizawa

A day full of events and we were certainly taken good care of – thank you WIMA Japan!