The Purpose

I got the idea of starting a blog in 2011 when I was planning my trip from my house in Madrid Spain, up to mum and dad in Sweden and back again via the international WIMA rally in Lancaster England. There were so many people telling me that I couldn’t do it, not on my bike, it was too far and it was too dangerous for a woman alone.

While I was no stranger to riding my bike on my own, this journey was of a larger magnitude than what I had done before – but why could I not do it? And would a man get the same cautionary warnings? Travelling on your own as a woman was unusual then and it is still quite unusual.

Long story short, I started my blog, I hope you like it!

I love to challenge myself, and I continue to do so in various ways, from winter swimming, riding on gravel, to learning to use Instagram. I hope that by writing my blog I can inspire others to challenge themselves.