Going West 2015

This summer I’ll ride in a new direction, I’ll go west. I’ll start of in the west of Sweden after picking up the bike, getting it serviced and ready I’ll head south for WIMA Swedens spring meeting. From there I’ll ride through Germany to Belgum where I meet up with Christopher for a few days of local riding, waffles indulgery and cartoon sightseeing.
Next stop is London and some more local riding and the Overland Event in Great Misenden. From there I continue to Northern Ireland and the Horizons Unlimited travelers meeting in Enniskillen and after that some touring in Northern Ireland with Christopher. Hopefully we’ll be able to see Giant Causeway.

When Christopher leaves I travel south and slowely make my way through Ireland and take the ferry to Wales. I plan to take the smaller roads and enjoy the landscape, hopefully I can do some running as well. On my return I will pass London and then travel towards Sweden through Denmark. The first goal is the Swedish international WIMA Rally in the region of Småland. From there I go a bit north to meet friends in Jönköping and on to my sisters wedding in Motala and then, finally, I’ll end up in my Swedish home in Värmland. All in all I’ll spend a shade under 8 weeks riding and I’ll cover approximately 6000km. I have a service sheduled for the bike in Karlstad upon arrival… then I’ll be touring localy.

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