Tipi and Chae around the world on scooters

If, like me, you are impressed with ”The Long Way Round” and the riding adventure of Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman you will be amazed by this!

In Austria and the WIMA rally I met Tipi and Chae from Korea, two young scooter riders who are riding around the world on their 125cc scooters. No support vehicles, no medical assistance and very limited packing possibilities but lots of confidence that it is possible to fullfil a dream if you really want to. They had been travelling for about a year, from Korea through Russia to Europe, and seen most of the countries from Spain in the south to the very north of Norway. They where planning to stay out another year or two before riding back through the Middle-East.

I am honoured to have meet these brave girls, they have reminded me that anything is possible!

Tipi and Chae at the WIMA campsite
Tipi and Chae at the WIMA campsite

Next destination is Slovenia
Next destination is Slovenia

If you’re interested in knowing, more check out their website: www.tipichae.com

And for my Swedish readers, the girls made the news when visiting: Allehanda

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