Sweating in France

 Before leaving Solsona I took advantage and went to a garage I had seen to ask about cooling liquid for the Versys. It seemed like it was running low and since I’m new to watercooled bikes I thought better to ask. I was fortunate to get help immediately and after some cleaning of gunk that made the tube untight and some refilling I was on my way again. Better safe than sorry and the coming two days ride was going to be hot, just like the first day.

The garage in Solsona - such a cool logotype!
The garage in Solsona – such a cool logotype!

I had a beautiful morning riding in the Alps crossing over to France by Bourge Madam. It made me a bit nostalgic since this was where I three years ago came down when bringing the Ducati to Spain. Absolutely beautiful all the way to Montpellier where I entered the highway and had a vibey, buzzy and sweaty ride.

Temporary art performance in the gothic park in Nîmes
Temporary art performance in the gothic park in Nîmes

My next stay was Nîmes and I found the place without too many difficulties but very tired and sweaty. The guy checking me in was most helpful and offered to store my bike in the staffroom – before he understood it was a motorbike… I thought the helmet and cordura gear would have given that away 🙂

Some twisties after entering France
Some twisties after entering France

The last days I have had some small difficulties, not any big problems but enough to be annoying. The hotel Concord in Nîmes wanted to charge me 5 euros more than stated in the booking, trying to invent a tax add-on. The hotel in Ancelle tried to claim that dinner was not included even though it said so in my booking and wanted to charge me 20 euros more but in the end settled for that – sheets worth 6 euros were not included. Therefore I’m using my sleeping bag tonight, I’m feeling childish and refuse to give in. My phone has stopped working, seemes to have coverage but no operator and my computer fails to connect to internet. Therefore I had difficulties reporting to my family not to worry and that I have reached destination. I hope this too sorts itself out.

I always wanted to photograph an archbridge for my fiance - and here it is!
I always wanted to photograph an archbridge for my fiance – and here it is!

But the ride today from Nîmes to Ancelle was absolutely beautiful, short in distance but very enjoyable. I was very tired when waking up to eary, 6.30, this morning due to the military troops had an excercise on the square in Nîmes not far from the hotel and the march music was penetrating. The ride did cheer me up and the tiredness wore off. As a bonus the route I had chosen was clearly sign posted all the way between Orange and Gap as it was a scenic route of the Rhone Alps. Things like that makes riding so much easier almost like having a GPS I suppose.

Now I’m ready for bed, tomorrow I head further north, more riding in the Rhone Alps towards Chamonix.

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