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I’ve been riding lots lately and we had quite a few excursions planned. My fiance is spending some time in Sweden and we were to ride and explore the region. It all ended abruptly with a worn-out chain and broken fan. I realised it all outside the cinema in Skoghall where we have rode to see the live broadcast of the last Monty Python show. We were supposed to ride around the peninsula before the show but after realising the the state of the chain we had to go directly there, which was very fortunate since the cooling water boiled when we parked… this revealed that the fan was broken. I absolutely love Terry Gilliam’s animations, this was a moment like that, a big stomping foot crushing whatever plans there were for the following week. After the initial stress and annoyance I realised I was lucky still. The garage will be able to change the chain kit and the fan on Thursday when I have my appointment for maintenance. I was lucky to be able to order the things, and while having to spend a lot of money I feel fortunate. If it had not been for the chain we would have been touring that afternoon and with a broken fan it could have ended with an engine break down. On Monday I hope to board the ferry to Estonia, please Terry Gilliam, keep your feet away from me.

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