First leather ride of the year

Living in Spain doesn’t give me a first riding day of the year, which indeed is a very positive thing. But today was my first day riding out in my leathers and it feels appropriate to make this my first blog entry. Even though the actual grand tour is 11 weeks away this marks the start of the preparations.

Lots of things can happen to you and your relationship with your leather. Previously, I have experienced that my leathers seemed to have shrink in the closet during winter. This time, I was happy to confirm that my leather still fitted me but a bit annoyed that there is still a pressure on my knees. I guess my legs didn’t get shorter during winter, what did I expect?!?

Although I ride to work every day, and always in full gear, I don’t use my leathers daily. This is due to practical reasons… like the convenience of wearing clothes while arriving at work. For commuting, I use a cordura jacket and trousers along with my riding boots, gloves and helmet. But when riding out for leisure and traveling I prefer leather for safety reasons. I like the feeling of the leather holding all my limbs together and I know for a fact that it saves lives. Needles to say, riding can be dangerous and I do what I can to keep myself safe.

Enough about that. Now, the ride: I left Alcobendas and went for the A1 up to San Augustin de Guadalix, made a mental note (again) of not refuelling at the gas station opposite Plaza Norte since there is no immediate way back on to the highway. In San Augustin the fun begins. M-104 to Colmenar Viejo and later M-625 to Guadalix de la Sierra are nice twisty roads and had very little traffic today. Then, continuing on M-911 towards Torrelaguna and Patones which gives  beautiful scenery with green hills and mountain views. One of the reasons Madrid is a good place to live – mountains! The destination of the ride was El Atazar, a beautiful place with a water reservoir and mountain scenery. Before turning the bike back home I had an Aquarius and took some photos.

My Monster at El Atazar

My Monster at El Atazar
 me, with ugly but conveniently helmet friendly sunglasses
me, with ugly but conveniently helmet friendly sunglasses

Reflection: What to do with the knee-problem… legs don’t get any shorter… investigate possibility to prolong leathers?! I do remember the inconvenience it caused last year 🙁 Forward to “To Do List”.

I need to remember to bring good looking sunglasses for use without helmet… forward to “Pack List”.

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3 thoughts on “First leather ride of the year”

  1. I love traveling and I hope one day I will visit Spain. You have given me some tips which I will remember to use if at all I get lucky to visit Spain.

    1. Thank’s Joshua, I hope you do get a posibility to go to Spain, it’s a fantastic country in many ways, not only for riding a motorcycle!