Touring Belgium


In Bruges I meet up with Christopher who came over with the buss from London. We are spending a long weekend in this lovely city and use it as base for exploring the Belgian country roads. Yesterday we took the back roads to Gent for a city stroll and lunch. Parking is no problem in this country, we could ride straight into the center.


After being cold for a few days we are now in the heat of summer. Today we have been exploring Bruges further, I’ve done some running and we have sampled several beers. Life is good!


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3 thoughts on “Touring Belgium”

  1. Hello Asa,
    Read you are in Belgium/Bruges now (wonderful city indeed). Any plans of coming to/passing through Northern Netherlands? I live very near Groningen. A fellow WIMA female biker is Always welcome.
    And in this part of the Netherlands you can do some fantastic driving too.
    Fokje, WIMA NL

  2. Asa,

    We will leave for Sweden very early Saturday morning 18th July.
    We, that is my motorbike friend Marijke who lives in Groningen as well and three other WIMA NL members who live in other parts of NL. As I live up north in NL, from my place it will be two relaxing driving days to the rally. These three other WIMA NL members will stay at my place the night Friday 17th-Saturday 18th. Feel free to join us!