The Horizons Unlimited member meeting Enniskillen

I spent an amazing weekend listening, learning and getting inspiration for future journeys. Arriving alone at a social event is always a bit scary but everyone was so friendly and with motorcycle travels as a common interest there is plenty to talk about.

The weekend was filled with inspirational talks and travel stories very much like the Overland Event but perhaps with a cosier atmosphere or, as I learnt to say, great craic.  I’m often met with scepticism or wonder because of my habit of travelling on my motorbike alone (despite) being female. Therefore, it was great to be among like-minded bikers and in this group most people had made far more adventurous journeys compared to me, who has mainly criss-crossed Europe. Needless to say, there was lots of information and inspiration to indulge in. Many questions started to grow, bike – should I change it, and for what? The Versys isn’t all that practical for travelling, having such frequent service intervals (I realised I had to schedule a maintenance in London on my way back, 5000 km is nothing when travelling). It is indeed very impractical.


What is going to be my next challenge? Christopher and I have now spent a week riding in Northern Ireland and Donegal and we have had an amazing time exploring on the bike. Therefore, I feel that we should do something bigger together, but should it be on 2 wheels, or perhaps 4? I mean 2+2 of course. How, where and when still needs to be answered but the plan is growing. So is the plan for next year’s summer, how can Horizons Unlimited’s meeting in Enniskillen be combined with riding in Scotland and a WIMA rally in Hungary. Don’t tell me I have to choose.

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