My 40th birthday fundraising-run in support of Pikilily

In one month’s time I’ll be turning 40 and I’m planning my birthday celebration. I’m going to end my thirties by taking on another Ride & Run fundraising project, namely raising money for Pikilily – a project run by one of my WIMA friends, Claire Elsdon. In short, Pikilily is the name of a workshop she is setting up in Mwanza, Tanzania where she will train and employ local women in motorcycle maintenance. In this way, Pikilily will serve the local community providing employment for women and providing skilled mechanics in the area – needs that she recognised a year ago when travelling through Africa. For more information, visit Pikilily’s website. You can also check her video diary on youtube.

Claire is crowdfunding to help cover the cost of the refurbishment and tools for the workshop. She is planning to have four workspaces in her workshop and it would be amazing if I could help her fund one of these spaces – that would really make my (birth)-day! 🙂

Each space needs:

  • a set of torque wrenches (large and small) – £50
  • micrometer – £20
  • disc run out kit/DTI gauge – £20
  • hydraulic brake bleeding kit – £30
  • scissor jacks – £20
  • spanner set – £20
  • socket set incl. ratchet – £50
  • chain splitter – £10
  • shelving units to store oils, bike spares and tyres – £30
  • oil draining tray, funnel and drums – £10
  • feeler gauges – £10
  • pliers – £10
  • screwdriver set – £10
  • rubber hammer – £8
  • vice – £25

In addition, Pikilily needs the following which will be shared between the workspaces:

  • two multimeters – £20 (x2)
  • one compressor with tyre pressure accessories – £150
  • one hydraulic bench – £350

So, what am I up to with this? As mentioned previously, for my birthday I’ll be running the Eastbourne 10k at Beachy Head. Although the distance is much shorter than what I’ve done before, this is compensated by a challenging course: a rather hilly trail run, but with stunning views. I’m not planning to get a PB, I just want to enjoy the run, take in the view and enter my 40th with a strong stride. If you were planning on sending me a card, buying me a drink or giving me a present to acknowledge my ageing – please let this money instead go towards Pikilily. Of course, your donation is welcome regardless of whether you were intending to get me something or not. You can give the money to me in person or put it on my Pay Pal or bank account (contact me for details: and I’ll forward the money to Claire on my birthday. If you’d rather donate to her directly, this can also be done. She has a crowdfunding page on Just Giving where you can make your donation.

Hopefully I'll be able to ride my bike to Eastbourne and make it a proper Ride & Run
Hopefully I’ll be able to ride my bike to Eastbourne and make it a proper Ride & Run

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