I do think that one post is plenty for a day but I just have to share the happiness I felt riding out today. Surprisingly enough, I tend to forget just how much I love riding and how happy I feel about my bike.

Even refueling makes me happy. Even though the price for petrol has gone up lately and it’s now crazy expensive, I feel happy filling up my Ducati because it meens I’ll have lots of fun.

I rode up to El Escorial this evening, for no other reason than to look at the castle from the distance and turning towards Madrid. I didn’t even stop, the ride is everything, the destination means nothing. On my way, I choose M-618 passing Hoyo de Manzanares. It’s a twisty park road that probably suits my pushbike better but I love to ride there because of the scenery. (I don’t actually like hairpins). I wish that I could have captured the herd of goats that passed the road shortly before I could stop and take this picture but it wasn’t possible to put the bike down safely.

Hoyo de Manzanares
Hoyo de Manzanares

On my way back, the sun was setting and it reminded me a lot about Swedish summer. My fingers were getting cold so I switched on the heated grips. After a bit I noticed that actually I didn’t noticed anything… broken 🙁 An anoying end to such a lovely ride, but to be positive, there is a lot of things that would cause greater trouble if they were broken. So, forward to To-Do list: check if heated grips can be fixed.

To not end this post on a negative note, I add a beautiful view 🙂

Madrid view
Madrid view

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