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So, yesterdayi got The Message from Motos Racing House, the Kawasaki has arriwed to the store. Of course I’m eager, even though i feel sad. But when a decicion is made I can’t wait to make it happen, rather sooner then later and prefereably last week.

This afternoon I will ride there and take a closer look at my new companion and leave the Ducati world behind, at least for a while. I will have to live without bike for a bit though. Since the Kawasaki is new it will take a week to prepare her and organise with papers. The panniers, topcase and heated grips will be mounted. And after a bank transfer of 3800 to that and we are ready to go Then I just have to do a thousand kilometers, have first service done and we’re ready to travel.

I hope that all that paperwork will go smothely and that insurance wont be a problem. And with problem I mean crazy expensive. I am now a city girl and that change of post code might make a big difference. I rather not have to change insurance company, since I expect that that is just as complicated as changing anything else.

Tomorrow before work I will have to take a detour by the postoffice and get late for work all just to pay the bike-tax. It is amazing how a country can just stop working at noon. Between may and september all banks close at 14.00 and the tax can only be payed in a bank and in may. Spain has tought me patience, but sometimes it just gets to much – so fingers crossed that it goes smooth in the bike shop.

My bike parked in the view from my balcony
My bike parked in the view from my balcony

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